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I began making benchmade hunting knives in 1976, while living in a small town in Montana, and although I did not have any interest in Damascus Bowie knives at the time, some years later I developed a very keen liking for them. I have spent these past years of custom knife making, learning as much as I could about the subject of custom knives and for the past several years after moving here to Country Village, teaching the craft of making benchmade knives. I now spend a good deal of my knifemaking time striving to bring you quality hand forged Damascus knives and pocket knives of distinction and teaching others how to do the same by hosting the bi annual Northwest Hammer In and operating the Northwest School of Knifemaking in Bothell, Washington.

The following pages in this site and the sister site pro knife sharpeners .com cover a wide range of custom knives,  knife making, professional knife sharpening and knife sharpeners. Whether you are a knife collector, a seasoned knifemaker a novice knife maker or just like to look at forged Damascus steel,  I believe that you will find the information on this site informative and worthy of your time.
Several years ago I teamed up with a professional horse shoeing expert to develop a new idea in the farrier industry and came up with a high quality hoof knife that can compete with hoof knives in a much lower price range. Check out the Double L brand.

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I started making custom benchmade hunting knives using steels like 154CM and ATS 34 in 1976 while living in Montana. It was not long before I was making custom Bowies knives, throwing knives, and fillet knives by stock removal. Today I like to forge carbon steels but mostly I love to make pattern welded Damascus. Damascus steel is an art form that lends itself very well to creativity and producing distinctive custom knives of quality.

 Damascus steel swords are some of the things that I get asked about regularly along with other types of swords, Bowie knives or daggers etc. I prefer forging Damascus steel into a one of a kind creation of my own design as this gives me the most freedom and I make my most impressive pieces this way. I do make an occasional dagger, folder, Bowie knife or even a hunting knife that I find challenging and try hard to make it a work of art.  However I can be swayed into working with your design if it inspires me.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the photos of my knives and reading some of the articles as much as I have enjoyed making them. If you are considering benchmade knives as a hobby or business,  you may be interested in next years Northwest Hammer In or the Northwest School of Knifemaking.

If you live in the Bothell, WA area and are looking for a professional knife sharpener, please drop by the shop at Country Village as I run a knife sharpening service. Please check back from time to time, I will be adding new things to the site on a regular basis and feel free to visit the shopping cart.

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