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Country Village

23706 7th Ave. SE

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Bothell, WA 98021

425 402-3484

King County Specialty Stores The total guide to Specialty Stores in the King County area.

The ABS members offer much in the line of custom knives, pocket knives and other fine Damascus knives.

The Apex EdgePro knife sharpener


Falcons Edge

Falcons Edge Is a composite bar radial wrapped blade. The blade has plenty of distal taper for a very quick blade for its size. The carved Koa handle sports a touch of ivory for a spacer and matching patern welded steel for the S guard. This piece feels very light to the touch.

Goddess of Fire


Price: $2,200.00 sold


Goddess of Fire

Dagger with sculpted guard

Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire

Galatic Collision

Mosaic 15N20, 1084, Cable and nickel. Guard 15N20 and 1084 Firestorm pattern. Handle, Fossil oosic and buckey burl. One of many fine Bowie knives.

Galitic Collision

Galatic Collision

Bowie knives are a statement in theirself, its why I like to make them.

Galatic Collilion

Moon Dancer

Bowie style fighter and gentlemans table knife. Damascus and ivory.


Stainless and pink ivory on ATS 34 places this piece high on the list of hunting knives.

Colt Damascus

Rising Sun patern, 15N20 and 1084.

Iron wood and brass. This one is my best selling hunting knives.

The Bounty

Liner lock folder is forged from 1084 and 15N20 Damascus, Bolsters are cable and 15n20 Damascus and the handle is tiger coral.


This piece was forged from a Harley chain. This model tops the list as my best selling line of hunting knives.

Little Pardner

As hunting knives go, this little guy is easy to carry and hard to beat.


My version of Bob Lovless's line of hunting knives

Forged and blued rail spike

Blued Railroad Spike Knife

Blued Rail Road Spike Knife

Blued Railroad Spike Knife

Blade: Hardened, polished, and heat blued high carbon steel railroad spike



VG 10 steel and Micarta


VG 10 steel and Micarta

Damascus Utility/Hunter

Damascus with VG 10 core @ R63

Star Fighter

Second design from the Xross-Bar Lock series.

Blade CPM 154 CM

Side Kick Xross Bar Lock

7 of 20 Side Kicks with titanium and carbon fiber.

Blade CPM 154 CM

The Knife Gallery

Over the years I have made a number of Bowie knives, hunting knives and Damascus knives. These photo's represent some my work. Many have escaped the camera.

Goddess of Fire IS A ONE-OF-A-KIND DAGGER!

Maker: C. Lyle Brunckhorst Price: $2,200.00 sold

Weight: 10.4oz, Blade Length: 8.25", Total Length: 13.68", Blade Thickness: 0.13", Blade Width: 1.33".

Blade: Mosaic Damascus steel forged from pure nickel along with cable, 15N20 and 1084 carbon steels

Bolster: Carved "fire" guard from W pattern Damascus steel forged from 15N20 and 1084

Handle: Orange/salmon toned fossil walrus ivory

Comments: This masterpiece by Bladesmith Lyle Brunckhorst is a truly captivating piece. The blade is hollow ground, creating a very strong central line. The guard has been sculpted from Damascus to resemble upswept flames. The fossil walrus ivory handle has a very unique coloration that I have never seen on another knife. The surface bark, which is visible on the spine has a salmon tone. The interior, which is reveled throughout the rest of the handle has a deep orange mottled tone. Exceptional fit and finish throughout places this piece high up on the list of Damascus knives . Dan O'Malley, Blade

Galactic Collision was forged from the same Damascus bar stock as Goddess of Fire and places well on the list for Bowie knives made today.