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The ABS members offer much in the line of custom knives, pocket knives and other fine Damascus knives.

The Apex EdgePro knife sharpener

 Damascus Kitchen, Utility Knives

with VG10 Core

Damascus Kitchen knives by Kershaw Shun Classic, the Damascus Chef Knives To order the Shun Classic



The Damascus Utility / Hunting Knife named the Utvikling To order the Ulfikling


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Shun Classic Damascus Kitchen / Chef Knives by Kershaw

The very first time I laid eyes on the Shun Classic series chef knives, I knew that I was looking at first class quality.

When I discovered the make up of the steels of the knife blade components I was even more impressed by this elegant knife.

I've been making knives for 30 years starting in 1976 and have been challenged by more than a few projects along the way. I also know that if I decided to duplicate the Shun Classic myself, I would be dully challenged again.

After so many years of watching most large cutlery companies put out work of less and less quality it is delightful to see a company reach for the stars. Kershaw has obtained a great reputation over the years and I have always like the quality of their knives and have sold many of them to countless satisfied customers.

Yes I have to admit I have watched Kershaw here of late use some steels in some of their models that I find questionable and have expressed my concern to the company via my friends Jeff Goddard president of Kershaw and Ken Onion Kershaw designer. I will continue to carry the Kershaw line but not the ones in question. It's just the way I am.

However you can sure bet that the Shun Classic is one series of knives that I will place on my shopping cart because of the quality.

VG 10 is one of those techy steels that will hold a fantastic edge, especially if left on the hard side. Now every one knows that high alloy steel can be brittle and it can not be differentially heat treated so to have a softer back.

The trick here is to place a thin layer of VG10 between layers of steel that will remain flexible and tough. In this case it is multi layers for even better flexibility and of course it looks so cool.

The results are a good looking well balanced knife with a D shaped comfortable handle and a blade that is very thin for easy cutting, hard on the edge for better edge retention and tough enough to withstand normal use.

I will caution you though that this knife will keep an edge very well but does not take well to being abused. The very hard and thin edge can chip if you use the knife as a cleaver or try to cut cans etc. And of course any one that would use a knife as a pry bar needs to invest in some basic tools for the home. To order the Shun Classic


The Damascus or VG10 Utvikling Utility / Hunting Knife

Means "Evolution" in Norwegian

Designed by Dan Perreault of Thinking Blades, Engineer and student of Bronk's Northwest School of Knifemaking

The Utvikling Damascus knives with VG 10 steel core makes good use of modern stainless Damascus steel.Dan was working in Norway when he developed these unique Damascus knives and they will function very well as a utility or  hunting knife. One of the tools he used to develop the Damascus knives was a phone book to design a most comfortable handle. The driving idea behind this utility knife was both comfort and safety. While experimenting with different handle shapes, Dan would drive the knife into a phone book to test how well his hand would stand up to the task without slipping down over the blade. Although no one will probably use the knife in stabbing mode while using it as a hunting knife, it does lend itself very well to safety in keeping your fingers off the blade. Dan has done an exemplary job designing these Damascus knives as the handle is also comfortable to use in a conventional mode and one can also use the choil to choke up on the handle in two ways giving you several ways to hold the blade while working.

Dan chose the folks in Seki Japan to manufacture this utility knife because they can work with first class steels such as the  VG 10 Steel and the VG 10 cored Damascus steel used in this knife. The blades will Rockwell 60 to 62 and hold a fine edge well.

Dan chose Micarta & Diamondwood for the handles because of their durability and resistance to atmospheric changes.

A Kydex sheath was chosen for the Utvikling knife because of its resistance to rot and preventing the knife from attack from tannic acids in soggy conditions.

It is a very solid practical utility knife at a very reasonable price of  $175.00 VG10 and $300.00 Damascus steel version plus  shipping and handling. For more information go to Thinking Blades. To order Utvikling


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