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Lyle Brunckhorst

Bronk's Knifeworks


Country Village

23706 7th Ave. SE

Suite B

Bothell, WA 98021

425 402-3484

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The ABS members offer much in the line of custom knives, pocket knives and other fine Damascus knives.

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Northwest School of Knife Making

hot blade

Knife Making Classes

A contemporary metal art

Brought to you by

 The Northwest School of Knifemaking

 A Division of Bronk’s Knifeworks

Now signing for  Spring class of 2012

May Monday 7th- Friday May 11th 2012

followed by

The Northwest Biannual Hammer In follows each class.

Let me know if you want on the waiting list for the next available class in case of a cancellation.


Fall Class of 2011

Fall Class of 2011

From left to right

Larry Tanneberg showing off his two forged and polished blades, me apparently trying to heal a blade with voodoo or something, William Pokletar busy sanding out the final grind marks in his blade and & Walker Lunsford taking a break from sanding on his blade.


Some of the photo's for the Spring 2009 class

Attendees shown were Rory Linden's friend Peter, Dennis Gellitt, Myself and Barnaby Hoit,.

Spring class 2009


Knife making 101


  • The forged blade plus the ABS test knife and Damascus Seminar "The whole shooting match": From the ground up to the forged blade including the ABS* test knife and two day Damascus seminar. The Whole Shooting Match Day class is a shortened version to fit into a one week window. I recommend this class above all others and it should be noted here that although this class will give you a giant head start, you will likely not complete a knife and may need to take additional classes.
  • A smattering of Metallurgy: Crystal structure of steel, grain growth, grain refinement, impurities & alloys. You can't learn too much about metallurgy. But you can make a good knife with the essentials.
  • Knife design: Keep it simple & straightforward, (kiss). By far the best knives are the ones that have been simplified to perfection.
  • Forge technique and practice: What you learn this first evening took me years to learn and is worth the tuition itself. This is the heart of knife making. Hands on learning, you may need some Bengay for the shoulder.


  • Heat Treating: This segment will be devoted to the discussion of heat treating steels and your blade will be hardened and tempered. This is, bar none, the single most important step in the entire process of knife making. If all I taught you was how to properly harden and temper steel and the steps leading up to it. It would be worth more than the entire cost of your course. This is where it's at.
  • Safety: Students will need to sign a waiver and affidavit acknowledging that they are solely responsible for their own safety and welfare, prior to continuing with the course. Safety will be stressed through out the course.


  • Damascus classes: Can be scheduled for $200.00 per day. In order to maximize your learning benefits, I recommend a prerequisite forging class.


  • Fit and Finish: We will try to eventually offer a class in the finishing of the forged blade.

  • In the mean time, Ed has been demonstrating this part during the two day hammer in while we are making Damascus. It all works out.

    * ABS, the American Bladesmith Society has a prescribed blade test for the journeyman’s certification.



    Fall Class October 6th - 10th & Hammer In 11th & 12th

    Roster: Mark Cimolin, Ray and Beau Bernier, Kevin Iverson, Brett Mathews

    Again all hands passed the torture test with flying colors.



    Spring class of 2007 was a total success, all blades passed the torture test with flying colors.


    Dr. Michael Ruth, R. Kaleo Sills, Nancy Olson, George Stoba, Pat Kitson



    Click on Images for larger view

    Spring Class of 2006

    Bent test knives and happy faces

    Kevin Bourgault, Michael Call, Mark Crammer, Jeff Crowe, Craig Campbell

    Second row Ed Caffrey and yours truly


    Fall Class of 2006 

    Kneeling, Jonathan (Jack) Lynch

    Second row, Mike Philo, Brain Schafer, Brad Goodwin, Martin Lynch

    Back row, Lyle. that's me, and Ed Caffrey


    The Northwest School of Knifemaking offers knifemaking classes to students who are interested in knife making. 

    Ed Caffrey overlooking Jessica Bybee's forging techniques at the Washington Hammer In


    I have been making knives since 1976 and I have been  teaching the craft for nearly 10 years now. Several of my former students have become very proficient at the craft and are gearing up their shops for serious production and work. My knife making classes are kept small and the tutoring is essentially one on one style. All of my past classes have been in the evenings mostly, but I now only offer a one week course for those who live a distance and want to spend their vacation learning knife making. I enjoy teaching knife making and I have evolved my classes to better fit the needs of my students.


    ***Northwest School of Knifemaking***

    Presents our Biannual day classes

    October 2nd through 8th, 2006 "Wow it's Done"

    Next class

    April 30th through May 6th, 2007 


    The Northwest School of Knifemaking proudly presents by popular demand “Knifemaking 101”.

     The course begins with basic blade forging and will progress to building a blade designed to pass the ABS “American Bladesmith Society” Journeyman’s test and a blade or two for you to finish later. At a later class we can go on to teach you how to finish a blade with very basic tools and secure a guard and handle with good fit.. The course will climax with a two day Hammer In (Damascus Seminar) and you may get hands on experience at making a billet of Damascus.

     Ed Caffrey is a well known ABS Mastersmith and will be lending me a hand with this class again providing we get a full class.

     Due to popular response the day class to be offered by the Northwest School of Knife Making will be The “Whole Shooting Match”, or better said (Knife Making 101). Price for the 7 day course is only $850.00 and will cover materials. This class will be limited to 6 students so that every one will have a chance to get one on one instruction. In order to hold you a spot I will require a deposit of $400.00 and the full tuition will need to be paid 30 days prior to beginning class. Cancellations need to be made at least 30 days in advance so that we can find a replacement in order to get your deposit back

     The "Whole Shooting Match" class was tailored to primary smithing so that it would be easier for the average person to afford and fit into their time frame and it is also advisable to learn the basics before attempting to build a complete Damascus knife. We will do our best to cover enough ground so that you will have the basic knowledge and skills to build a knife from start to finish. However we will emphasize always the most important parts of knife making so that you will have a solid background to work from. I doubt that any one will go home with a finely finished knife with perfect fit and finish, but you will certainly have many of the skills learned to begin making outstanding cutlery.

    Out goal is to send you home with the knowledge that you can build cutlery that are second to none in performance and the inspiration to go on and make your craft into an art. If you like, you may want to return for continuing classes and seminars that will enhance your basic skills and propel you to making world class knives.

    We begin on Monday morning with basic blade forging and we will progress to building a blade designed to pass the ABS “American Bladesmith Society” Journeyman’s test. Building and testing this blade will quickly give you a better idea of what is happening and the importance of proper heat treating.

     Metallurgy is crucial to knife making, but we will try to keep it simple so as not to bog you down with information overload. However we will expound on heat treating to a large degree. You will have a lifetime to pursue the details if you like, but we do want to give you the skills in order to make a first class blade.

     Because there are so many blade and knife styles and methods to make a knife, it would be impossible to encompass it all into one class, but we will try to teach you how to finish a blade with very basic tools and principles to get that award winning look. We can show you techniques used by the masters to grind a blade by machine, but practice and patience will make for a more perfect artist.

    Ed Caffrey spent the Spring of 2006 Hammer In weekend demonstrating finishing a blade and fitting a guard and handle while I was building a Damascus billet using the wet weld, the dry weld and welding in a can, with the help of the invited demonstrators Tom Ferry, Gary House and John Davis.

     Your first attempt at building a knife may not be perfect, but you will have the skills to go on and pursue the perfect knife. I and most of my colleagues will admit that we have not yet made the perfect knife, but it is a most honorable quest.

      The Northwest School of Knifemaking


    Bronk’s Knifeworks

    Country Village

    23706 7th Ave. SE, Suite B

    Bothell, WA 98021

    425 402-3484




    Day classes: Class dates to be posted.

    You will need; leather shoes, gloves, eye protection, dust mask and fire resistant clothing.

    Expect to have a very good time.

    Instructor: C. Lyle Brunckhorst, Knifemaker since 1976.

    Day classes: Class starts on Monday and runs thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

    Class is usually followed by a two day hammer in and Damascus is the main course.

    Tuition price includes materials. Other materials can be supplied for an applicable fee. If you would like additional tutoring, additional time can be made available at a cost of $25.00 per hour plus materials.

    Tuition fees are to be paid in full at least 30 days in advance of class, either by check, cash or Visa/MC. Enrollment is based on a first come first paid basis. Canceling late could result in forfeiture of your deposit if we fail to fill out the class.

    Students will need to bring to class: gloves, eye protection (prescription glasses are better than nothing), dust mask or respirator, clothing that will not melt or flash such as polyesters (cotton or wool is fine) and protective foot wear (leather shoes or boots).

    If you would like to be on the mailing list for upcoming class schedules, please fill out the form below and I will E mail you schedules as they arise.

    Registration Form



    Copy and print this form, then please print legibly so that I can read it

     and mail it with check or credit card info to address below.

    Name_______________________________________________________ Phone (____) ____________



    E Mail________________________________________________________________________________

    Please enroll me in your comprehensive school of knifemaking, class. _______________________________

    I am enclosing the tuition price of $850.00________.00 plus (8.9%) for WA sales tax $________. Total $________

    Visa/MC #_______________________________________________Exp. Date_________________________


    I will abide by any rules set forth by the instructor, pay strict attention to safety instruction and will hold myself solely responsible for my own safety.

    Signature____________________________________________Date__________Date of birth____________




    Bronk’s Knifeworks ®

    Lyle Brunckhorst

    Country Village, (425) 402-3484

    23706 7th Ave. SE, Suite B, Bothell, WA 98021

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