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Bronk’s Knifeworks & Knife Sharpening service Celebrating 40 Years In The Knifemaking Industry

We have moved to a new location as we celebrate our 40th year

Lyle at the Bellevue.WA knife Show

Bronk’s Knife sharpening service is now set up with a new knife sharpening location

I have erected a brand new building to serve the Seattle and Bothell area with knife sharpening service and it was opened for business on Wednesday February 17th 2016.

We were previously located at Country Village for the past 20 years and have moved because our past location is part of a new condo development. It was short notice but many of my old customers have rediscovered me again

I am now set up at the North Creek Valley Grange location at 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012 near Mill Creek across the street from Lombardi's restaurant and between F & F Auto and Tiles for Less. Look for our new location and brand new building behind Wise's key shop. You will be able to see my shop once you have entered the parking lot right next to the Taco truck

If you can dull it, I can probably sharpen it.

For more information regarding pricing etc, please check out ProKnifeSharpeners.com

My current working hours are from 10:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Saturday

Lyle at the his new Sharpening Service location in Bothell, WA

Shop address; Bronk's Knifeworks & Sharpening Service, 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012

Mailing address; Bronk's Knifeworks, 2020 Maltby Road, Suite 7, PMB 180, Bothell, WA 98021

Contact at bronks@bronksknifeworks.com.

Phone; 425 478=6809

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These are exciting times for Bronk’s Knifeworks and knife sharpening service with a new shop and a new website coming we look forward to many more good years in the knife making industry and invite you all to come visit and talk knives.

Although it is possible to find a place, in the Seattle area, to spend more money on knife sharpening, you are going to experience some great difficulty in finding better service.

Are your knives truly sharp?

One simple test is to see if your knives slice a page of phone book paper or cut through a tomato skin with out smashing it?

If you really want a good test for extreme sharpness, fold over a page from a slick magazine into a U shape and slice out a section of it. I learned that trick from long time friend Bob Kramer.

A sharp knife can make a big difference in the kitchen or any other cutting task for that matter and take the work out of it.

These tests, for sharpness, are simple but tuning up the knife to that degree of sharpness can be daunting for the beginner, especially if the knife has been used hard or abused.

A professional knife sharpener can bring back new life to a knife that has been seriously damaged or dulled by years of use and he can also show you how to maintain that edge as well

Knife sharpening is often more than just grinding or honing a sharp edge on a blade. Doing the job right is often a combination of removing the sway, developed in the edge by continued sharpening, so that the blade will contact the cutting board, allowing the knife to cut all the way through those carrots again.

It is also necessary to thin the blade in order to allow for easy cutting and I do that somewhat as a part of normal operation, however the blade may require, in time, a significant regrinding to regain it desired geometry.

I also like to remove that pesky part of the bolster, on some chef knives, that obstructs proper sharpening and usage of the blade. I could never really figure out why some companies insist on putting a blob of useless metal where it has absolutely no purpose and stands squarely in the way of cutting or proper sharpening.

For more info on how to keep your cutlery in tip top shape check out ProKnifeSharpeners.com sharpening guide

For more info on professional sharpening services and pricing ProKnifeSharpeners.com service guide

or if you would like a second opinion, take Nate Ouderkirk's advice KitchenKnifeGuru

Stop in for a chat, or maybe have a knife or two tuned up.

Now available $900.00

The Side Kick Xross Bar Lock folder, Triple Aught Design edition

This Xross Bar Lock, Side Kick folder was a Triple Aught Design edition and has just become available.

It is a great chance to get one of these rare editions. These didn't last very long on their site so let me know quick if you are interested.

The TAD Side Kick has a flat ground CPM154CM blade with stone wash finish and this steel has really been a great performer.

The Liners, lock, bolsters and clip are all titanium for a light but incredibly strong knife with the strongest locking system ever.

The scales are dove tailed camo green G ten with 3 parallel traction grooves for good gripping power

The blade is a flipper and rotates on caged ball bearings for a super smooth and lightening fast opening.

Comment from Usual Suspect Owner

Bronk’s Knifeworks will be moving the main knife making shop to a new location

As we celebrate our 40th year in the knife making industry, the new knife making shop and school of knife making will be relocated to a new location where we will have room to expand as needed.

We are looking forward to the move to our new shop and will start the production of the Xross Bar Lock folder, the Starfighter and the newly redesigned Sidekick knives as soon as circumstances permits.

We will be starting a new sexy line of kitchen knives with both 52100E carbon steel and ATS 34 or CPM154CM stainless with materials such as stabilized mango and other exotic material.

Until we get our new shop, website and shopping cart up and running please contact us by email (bronks@bronksknifeworks.com) or phone (425) 478-6809 to order one of these knives.

We will also continue to teach knife making skills and continue our knife sharpening service.

New Side Kick Knife
New Kitchen Knife Set
New Starfighter Knife